time's up vintage

awesome danish vintage online store featured on anywho!

my favourite items

60s open lady coat

50s dusty blue swing skirt

purple wool cape
go have a perve, they also stock amazing jewelry! http://shop.timesupshop.com


fruit lunch

feeling under the weather again, so made myself a fruit salad...for lunch
fruit salad = apple + mandarin + paw-paw + pineapple + dollop of yoghurt + sultana bran

thursday night two of my gals and I went to three monkeys (cafe) and I love how the Chai tea comes in massive cup. it might as well be a bowl! tee-hee~

then friday night i went to freestyle with ma chere cousine
we ordered apple & berry crumble. 

etsy wishlist (jewelery)

blue agate ring

amethyst bullet necklace

howlite spears turquoise point earrings

earthy agate ring


purrrrttyy. especially the last one.


perfectly exquisite : Lamija Suljevic'

came across Lamija Suljevic via anywho

the level of detail of every aspect is purely stunning


UO run

did a Urban Outfitters run with my friends a couple of weeks ago, 
the package arrived on Monday! So speedy! :>

Ecote Beaded Sandals
finally found a pair of sandals that look decent on me! 

Silence & Noise printed shorts (on sale $14.99!) I have a feeling I'll be wearing these a lot this summer..

also got NYX pigment in turquoise...thinking of doing a make-up vid post one day


days of the week

life's too short not to wear beautiful underwear everyday :)

stella mccartney <3

ooh la la ;)

source: net-a-porter


found the perfect dress for my graduation.
it's a bit much though...$400!
But it's so beautiful...

jules dress Karla Spectic 

should I??????

i'm in-like

source: maximillia


this winter holidays...

things i want to do/am doing this winter break::::

cook more! what can i say, i have definitely been bitten by the masterchef bug.

get back to reading (i.e. NOT textbooks). oh how i've missed it! 

go to their concert 

sleep in. looooooootttssss

rediscover my piano

enjoy the winter sunshine.

have a high-tea party

just plain party. yeee boii.

hang out and do nothing. have long chats

shopping. derr.

flirt. find some romance

karaoke. mm-hmm.

make crepes.

make apple pie. nom nom nom

get to know my city better.

start running/exercising again.

picnics in the park.

spend the whole day at home in pajamas and get toasty.

image sources: weheartit.com, tumblr, google