came across spanish label SU-SHI via Caroline'sMode. blew my socks off, really

i really want this handbag...what do you think, nude or purple?


costs 150euros though. (150 euros = AUD211.30 ) :O not including postage

maybe i should ask for it as a birthday gift...


lisa eldridge videos

I recently stumbled upon Lisa Eldridge's (the make-up artist) website and I LOVE IT. Her tutorials are so easy to follow and she's not stingy on insider tips & tricks.

Her video with lipstick is one of my favourites. Genius, really.

Also see her video on applying false eyelashes - very easy to follow!

One day I'm hoping to do a full make-up course, with MACPro or something, and Lisa Eldridge is someone who I can honestly say inspires me and instils in me a great passion for make-up. 

Today is a really blah day and I was late for my 8 o'clock lecture (again 4th time already I think). And it's rainy which means no beach volleyball tonight.

I think this girl's coat is absolutely beautiful, don't you agree?

Source: stockholmstreetstyle