want #1

miu miu

want need these (source: net-a-porter)

only had one exam so far. finish on the 25th blekk.


mousetrap heart

outfit - 31-5-10

despite experiencing what was the worst week i've ever had at uni (Tues Wed & Thurs nights were all-nighters, and sleep came about in sporadic naps each time i woke up feeling guilty but strangely energized..i digress) i managed to get a quick snap of my outfit on monday

jacket - vintage (claireinc)
top(s) - gripp & forever new
tights - random store in malaysia
boots - sportsgirl
necklace - gift (the cupcake says 'eat me')
raybans - father dearest'

this is the first time i've worn this jacket out, and i've had it for nearly two years! it's perfect because the days are getting windier

favourite song of the moment, it puts me in such a good mood