driving test

today i had my driving test

i must admit i was pretty nervous beforehand, during my lesson and my driving instructor was a little late so i was even more a n x i o u s!

but i PASSED! which i'm so happy about, especially since i couldn't even start the car like a normal person. dunno what happened. twas embarrassing but i calmed down soon after lawlzzz


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i was shocked and devastated to hear of Alexander McQueen's death. 

a truly great icon of british fashion will be sorely missed.

what i found more shocking was, of myself. instead of thinking about how much he would be missed as a son, a sibling, a friend, a loved one  i thought to myself 'oh no now i'll never be able to buy any of his designs' 

this really bothered me and quickly chastised myself soon after. 
for some reason i felt so disrespectful and selfish because how can we say things like 'he'll be greatly missed ' when, for a lot of us, we never knew him personally. and what we're really missing is the fact that he won't ever  produce great fashion again.

i realised then and there that yes, it is true he was ingeniously brilliant at his work but your work doesn't always have to define who you are. 

i think i'd much rather have people remember me by the person i was...

then again,

this topic can be argued equally well both ways, because it's often the case where what you do, your actions, are a reflection of 'you'. i'm thinking now that they are one and the same, and it's impossible to talk about them separately.

what do you think? 

i know this topic is quite sensitive so i'll just make it clear right now that if you are by any means offended, that i do apologise and my intentions are not to offend, merely to provoke thinking. 

spring 2010 rtw
fall 2009

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i'm meant to be free

so this write-up is taking waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer than i expected. it went something like this.... 

last week
supervisor: how're you going with your report?
me: yeah great i'll be done next wednesday and that'll be it..
supervisor: ooh good! 

this tuesday
supervisor: everything okay?
me: hm i guess so, still fixing the intro. i'll email you my discussion tonight to check

this wednesday (my last day, and we had good-bye numnums at morning tea time)
supervisor: it's okay if you can't get it handed in today :) make sure you hand it in a few days before the due date though
me: sure yeah, i'll send it in tomorrow

thursday (today...but technically yesterday). still. have. not. sent. it. in. i think this is the longest i've spent writing something. i can't imagine what the fuck honours year will be like. report, i want to dump you now.

some random pretty pictures. i like pretty pictures
sources: 1. can't remember 2. can't remember 3. abbey lee kershaw shot by greg kadel fashiongonerogue (i am mesmerised by this) 4. catherine baba shot by hanneli mustapara 5. tao okamoto vogue paris

the ones can't remember please help a girl out! :}


ACNE body

for someone who doesn't go swimming or to the beach very often (read: once, maybe twice a year. !ohthehorrorwhatthefuckdidshesay!? call yourself a queenslander, yeah i know..) i seem to have a bad habit of craving obsession with new swimwear. 

like dis one

maria from vanillascented scooped this baby up. 

maybe it's because of my upcoming girls week away to hamilton island. yerr jealoussssss? muahaha *8 sleeps but who's counting*



my topshop package arrived today! 
I do apologise for this crappy photo
very sparkly pants however! and itchy on the inside which is such a shame :(
i will keep them though, for the time being

finally found a good pair of white brogues!



since i have squandered away most of today i have to put my head to the grindstone now and finish my summer project report.
so near but so far....



went to the lover jumble sale today.

so worth it!

i was so happy to see and touch the clothing in *real* life and i bought 3 things. :3 and let's just say there was some major squeeee-age taking place

bloomers/bikini bottom

safari print
some new high waited shorts
i can't wait to wear this with brogues

also did see a lovely crisp white playsuit for my mum (only about $70! and her size! but another girl had 'reserved' it. ya win some ya lose some)

on another note, wow my last post was in october. oops. i can only say that i enjoy reading other people's blogs more than thinking up posts for my own. 

still, i think this blog is a good way for me to channel some creativity