H&Mming around

I wish we could get H&M in Aus. I was playing around on the UK website just now.

Keeping this kind of outfit in mind for next winter. I would pair these items with a loose raglan tee of some description, most likely in a bright fuschia or orange colour

Like this or this (too bad they don't have fuschia here)

i would complete this ensemble with stockings and a shirt like this laced ivory one from Maise

on sale at maximillia

and a nice chunky scarf like this:

only 487 pounds

michael kors
this colour really appeals to me for some reason. it's hideously bright and fun

off to eat dinner now

source: hm.com, net-a-porter.com, maximillia.com


why, all the better to kick you with my dear..

proenza schouler

julia finsk

gian lorenzi
(dear santa....)

sergio rossi for puma

nicholas kirkwood

christian louboutin

even though summer's just round the corner here in Queensland I find myself gazing at these epic ankle boots and longing for winter again.

forget walking, these boots were made for kicking. you know dead leaves and cans and stuff.. haha

all images from shoelust


i want curly hair

gorgeous blog, really

p.s. anyone know why the pictures i put up are so small? how do get them massive? is it just the quality of the file?


currently inspired by...

Doing the usual checking of the email and I came across one from shopbop.com, ones which I normally give a quick squiz over and then move on.

Not today! My interest today was piqued enough that I just had to click on the little 'shopthelookbook' link.

They did a little spread on lingerie as outer-wear. Yawn you say. Yes it has been done before but I still hold a great affinity for it! Here are some of the pieces that I took great liking to... and I've decided this is how I want to dress for spring summer this year (and also for autumn/winter next year!)

I'm loving the idea of the LWG (long white gown). Lol just realised how wedding-y that sounded. Still I think all white ensembles are great for summer, and something I'm eager to try out soon.

and how lovely is this thakoon blouse!

I am also looking for a blouse like this. So classic, methinks.


lado legging loveliness from rag&bone

sequins, yes please!

Also been browsing the LOVER website recently. I'm in love with everything. Here are just a few of my favourite looks.

they never fail to please

oh and to finish...

nina ricci boots


fly away on my zephyr

the *new* YSL boot.
i still think last season's still kicks arse
this reminds me of transition metals of the periodic table
(i am a chem student after all, what do you expect..? haha)

rad hourani leather boots
i am so in love with this look

stylesightings is one of my top favourite blogs, you should definitely check it out!
this was at london fashion week

i love the colour

cesare paciotti.
how awesome are these, seriously.
they give those balenciaga (or sam edelman) boots a real run for their money

gala's (amlul) marnis

This reminds of a velociraptor
christian siriano

phillip lim 3.1 gold brogues

So I haven't been updating this blog at all for the past six months. Whatever excuse I run through in my head doesn't sound good/witty enough. I guess I've just been having too much fun reading other peoples' blogs!

I am and always will be a shoe-girl. Blogs like Sea of Shoes, Bleed for Fashion, karla'scloset, life in travel etc often do leave me with tears of envy in my eyes! Here's a few favourites from here and there (but mostly from shoe lust)

image sources: shoelust(via jak&jil), shoelust, stylesightings, amlul, stockholm streetstyle



I look so sad/serious in the 2nd photo! Ooops

I should really lighten up since it IS april fool's day

wearing: dad's old shirt, mum's old leather braided belt, stirrup tights, boots from Zu, sunnies MbyMJ, bangle from Chameleon, Ring from Diva


Monday Pick Me Up

Arrived at uni really late, and was too embarrassed to walk in (the really small) lecture room, missing an actually very important lecture :( Lame.
I'm loving no-make-up make-up, beautifully dulled down nudes and neutrals. And the shoes in the third photo (ShopBop) have me salivating...nearly! so sexyy
sources: The Sartorialist, Harper's Bazaar (Calvin Klein & Burberry), ShopBop

2: Last Bit of Summery Days


What I wore on Sunday 29/3

These jeans are soooooooo long....i wish I could wear flats with them

Lovely last bit of sunny weather, as today (Monday) was rainy and cold - here comes winter!

tee - Sportsgirl
Necklace - Garnsis
cuff/bracelet - Bardot/Mombasa
ring - cotton On
shoes - Top Shop




I've been meaning to start a blog for quite some time now

Who knows if it's gonna take off :) but for now here's a few looks that are inspiring me at the moment, and a brief outfit post

I will be trying my hardest to post consistently, but the life of a science student leaves one feeling a)lazy and b) too drained from day in day out of learning about orbitals, protein kinases, epithelial cells and chair-formations. It's no excuse! I shall try my best-est hehehe