rosy cheeks

Yesterday I went to Chouquette in New Farm with my cousin, seriously the best bakery, pardon me, boulangerie in Brisbane.

Everything is aunthentically French, yays!

We shared a coffee eclair, croissant d'amandes and a 'rosy cheeks'. 'Twas a beautiful 28 minutes.

Then we just hung out and chit-chatted at New Farm Park for bit, and consequently got attacked by dangling worms. Well, she did anyway hehe.

shoes & shorts - Topshop
crochet button-up - recently unearthed treasure, I remember wearing this when I was twelve. Musta been a pretty large 12 y.o. JK.
sunnies - Dangerfield


How cute are these! Sold out in my size though, damn. Double sad face.


sweet sweet pop

Took a recent heist blogging with a friend. Read it here.

I love this song. So 90s!

And this one. 

The Cardigans.