time's up vintage

awesome danish vintage online store featured on anywho!

my favourite items

60s open lady coat

50s dusty blue swing skirt

purple wool cape
go have a perve, they also stock amazing jewelry! http://shop.timesupshop.com


fruit lunch

feeling under the weather again, so made myself a fruit salad...for lunch
fruit salad = apple + mandarin + paw-paw + pineapple + dollop of yoghurt + sultana bran

thursday night two of my gals and I went to three monkeys (cafe) and I love how the Chai tea comes in massive cup. it might as well be a bowl! tee-hee~

then friday night i went to freestyle with ma chere cousine
we ordered apple & berry crumble. 

etsy wishlist (jewelery)

blue agate ring

amethyst bullet necklace

howlite spears turquoise point earrings

earthy agate ring


purrrrttyy. especially the last one.


perfectly exquisite : Lamija Suljevic'

came across Lamija Suljevic via anywho

the level of detail of every aspect is purely stunning