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Doing the usual checking of the email and I came across one from shopbop.com, ones which I normally give a quick squiz over and then move on.

Not today! My interest today was piqued enough that I just had to click on the little 'shopthelookbook' link.

They did a little spread on lingerie as outer-wear. Yawn you say. Yes it has been done before but I still hold a great affinity for it! Here are some of the pieces that I took great liking to... and I've decided this is how I want to dress for spring summer this year (and also for autumn/winter next year!)

I'm loving the idea of the LWG (long white gown). Lol just realised how wedding-y that sounded. Still I think all white ensembles are great for summer, and something I'm eager to try out soon.

and how lovely is this thakoon blouse!

I am also looking for a blouse like this. So classic, methinks.


lado legging loveliness from rag&bone

sequins, yes please!

Also been browsing the LOVER website recently. I'm in love with everything. Here are just a few of my favourite looks.

they never fail to please

oh and to finish...

nina ricci boots