i'm meant to be free

so this write-up is taking waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer than i expected. it went something like this.... 

last week
supervisor: how're you going with your report?
me: yeah great i'll be done next wednesday and that'll be it..
supervisor: ooh good! 

this tuesday
supervisor: everything okay?
me: hm i guess so, still fixing the intro. i'll email you my discussion tonight to check

this wednesday (my last day, and we had good-bye numnums at morning tea time)
supervisor: it's okay if you can't get it handed in today :) make sure you hand it in a few days before the due date though
me: sure yeah, i'll send it in tomorrow

thursday (today...but technically yesterday). still. have. not. sent. it. in. i think this is the longest i've spent writing something. i can't imagine what the fuck honours year will be like. report, i want to dump you now.

some random pretty pictures. i like pretty pictures
sources: 1. can't remember 2. can't remember 3. abbey lee kershaw shot by greg kadel fashiongonerogue (i am mesmerised by this) 4. catherine baba shot by hanneli mustapara 5. tao okamoto vogue paris

the ones can't remember please help a girl out! :}