i was shocked and devastated to hear of Alexander McQueen's death. 

a truly great icon of british fashion will be sorely missed.

what i found more shocking was, of myself. instead of thinking about how much he would be missed as a son, a sibling, a friend, a loved one  i thought to myself 'oh no now i'll never be able to buy any of his designs' 

this really bothered me and quickly chastised myself soon after. 
for some reason i felt so disrespectful and selfish because how can we say things like 'he'll be greatly missed ' when, for a lot of us, we never knew him personally. and what we're really missing is the fact that he won't ever  produce great fashion again.

i realised then and there that yes, it is true he was ingeniously brilliant at his work but your work doesn't always have to define who you are. 

i think i'd much rather have people remember me by the person i was...

then again,

this topic can be argued equally well both ways, because it's often the case where what you do, your actions, are a reflection of 'you'. i'm thinking now that they are one and the same, and it's impossible to talk about them separately.

what do you think? 

i know this topic is quite sensitive so i'll just make it clear right now that if you are by any means offended, that i do apologise and my intentions are not to offend, merely to provoke thinking. 

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sources: jak&jil, style.com