"a la faveur automne"

feeling a bit down in the dumps. 

admittedly it's about a guy i met in hamilton, and i''m mourning the fact that while i didn't get his number my friend did. you'd think the simple solution would be to ask my friend for his number BUT all the girls from the hamilton trip were egging her and not me to 'hook-up' with him. (i really hate that term 'hook-up' by the way) 

she didn't. but it doesn't change the fact that i don't have his number and then consequently i can't ask him out for coffee!

i know. i'm being such a child.

enough drivel.

it's sort of getting cooler here in brissie. by sort of i mean waking up to beautifully bright and crisp mornings and dreaming up lots of lovely autumn-y outfits to wear only to find that around noon it still reaches 29-30 degrees and i'm sweltering in jeans and brogues wishing i wore shorts or a dress.

a few inspirations for the coming cooler months.


the famous karla

(frida) stockholm streetstyle
i love how beautifully she's layered all the neutral tones and the varying textures

stockholm streetstyle

i know the trend has exploded but i'd still really like a khaki anorak

found the perfect one at yesstyle.com 
will seriously match my entire wardrobe #sighs#
<3 <3 <3