one ingredient ice-cream

i'm not kidding, it really exists, and is super duper easy to make! you do not require much cooking skill at all

i got the recipe off www.ourbestbites.com and this recipe blog/webpage is da shizzzz. i find myself drooling every time i visit

anyway, today was the second time i made this one ingredient ice cream and i am really pleased with how it turned out (though a recipe this easy, it can really only turn out GREAT) 

1. chop and freeze ripened bananas. important that they be ripe because otherwise they can turn out bitter. ew

2. bung 'em in the food processor. i spose a blender works too but haven't tried it myself (nb: mum's food processor is tiny). the first thing you'll notice that it looks a lot like chopped garlic or cous-cous! give it a stir and...

3. like magic it becomes ice-cream. awwwh
tastes, feels, looks like real ice-cream. i am still amazed

and here's one of the many many many photos me and the girls took on our week away to hamilton island. man, after 2.5ish weeks i'm still missing the island :( 

yes this is actually how beautiful it is up there! these were taken with my own camera!

and the past week's rainy weather had me longing for the gorgeous summer weather that is/will be departing soon. 

very strange for me because i normally cringe when summer's around but just as i got used to the idea of walking around in shorts, flirty dresses and thongs the rain starts bucketing down. i was just starting to like summer